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I started Water Street Recruiting in Beverly Hills, CA in 1991. Having worked as a financial advisor in Memphis, New York, and Los Angeles, I understand all aspects of making a move, whether wirehouse or independent. You should ask yourself. What kind of practice, advisory or brokerage, is the right one for me and my clients? The answer to that question doesn't come from an 'internet forum' or 'company website'. Before getting surprised by the market, or changes at your firm, let's discuss the opportunities and the best possible move for you and your book. Darryl Myers 424-832-0334

Frequently Asked Questions

I already know a few managers. Why should I use a recruiter?

The chances are good that if you initiate a move the manager will not be inclined to make the best possible offer since good advisors without problems are generally not looking to move. If I initiate the contact, the manager will tend to believe the very best offer is the only way you can be persuaded to join them. In addition, I can ask questions and make requests that won't jeopardize your negotiating position.

This is not a good time in the market. Should I move now?

Don't let the market be the issue. After all, it's always going up, down, or sideways. The relevant issues are your personal objectives and the care of your clients.

What kind of deals are being offered now? What about my deferred comp?

For advisors who meet certain asset and production criteria, the deals are as good as ever, at 100-200% of production. Many firms also cover 100% of deferred comp.

I don't want to move to another Wirehouse. Do you work with other firms?

If you are ready to make a change, I can direct you to a firm that will be a good fit for you and your clients.

I want to move but I've moved before and it wasn't easy. Have things changed over the last few years?

Yes. Every firm will provide you with all you need to make a smooth transition. Both management and legal counsel of the hiring firm will advise you in every aspect of moving your book. There is also a Broker Protocol agreement among many firms to help protect your rights.

Contact: Darryl Myers | Phone: 424-832-0334 | Email: d.m@waterstreetrecruiting.com

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